Yoyo today described Ekin as “her other half”,

Yoyo’s manager has told reporters that they can only ask her questions about her career and not about her love life. However of course they always mention Ekin.

She has a strong independent personality because her parents split up when she was young. She has always lived with her grandmother. Even though her career has been successful her love life has not been. Last year her boyfriend of 4 years suddenly split with her and 3 months later married her good friend. Yoyo was very upset as she didn’t know that she would suffer at the hand of a good friend. From this she learned the lesson that everything should be in the open and discussed and nothing should be behind the back. She can’t bear to be a third party.

This year in August she was playing badminton with Ekin. The media took pictures and since then she has been relentlessly pursued to ask if she is a love sports kind of woman, because only if she is can she be truly compatible with Ekin. She said that her sports are still developing. It is friends who arrange the the badminton and the length of time. She said she was lazy and unless they arrange the get together then she will go. She added that there were a number of sports that she would like to try. She doesn’t consider herself a soft tender person and felt that there wasd no way to change this. However she admitted that her feelings have undergone a change. She said that no longer will she lose her temper without letting the other person know why so they can understsand her.

She said that Ekin had already parted with Gigi before they began to socialize.

Yoyo is certainly the kind of person who takes care of people. At the table she is always eat this, eat that. She also said that of mariage and raising children she has has no intention. Yoyo described herself as very content. She feels that the mainland market is very big Ekin of course is currently filming a TV drama Huo Yuaan Jia. Reporters asked Yoyo if she thought she and Ekin might collaborate. She admitted that she hadn’t rejected this possibility.

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