The Blood Brothers start shooting

When reporters contacted director Peter Chan, he said that the screen test for the re-make of The Blood Brothers was carrying out in Beijing, when Andy Lau report back to work on 29 November after becoming the bestman for Hacken Lee’s wedding. A start work dinner was held at the Beijing hotel that they’re staying whereas a press conference would be held next Monday, the female lead would also be announced.

It was confirmed that Jet Li would be the good turned evil Ma Xin Pei, Andy would be Huang Chong whom wife was snatched away from him and got poisoned, Takeshi Kaneshiro would be Zhang Wen Xiang whom finally become the blood brother.

As the movie is based in the Ching Dynasty, the 3 male leads would required to shave their heads. Andy whom always treasure his hair had already shaved his head last night, however he would not be totally bald as it would be only the front part of his forehead as though he’s balding. This would be the third time that Andy shaved his head for acting, previously he had shaved his head for 1984 TVB drama Duke of the Mount Deer and Johnnie To’s Running On Karma.

Peter confirmed to reporters that shooting had started but kept the situation of the movie underwrapped as he refused to reveal anything. When asked of the allegations that the handsome male leads would become "ugly" in the movie, he didn’t deny but reveal that "Andy’s image would be a totally new breakthrough and he would not be as handsome as what people get to see him everyday".

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