Myolie Supports Sammul and Explains Meeting with Bosco

With the recent allegations made against some male artistes with regard to secret homosexual affairs, Myolie Wu was asked to comment on her former co-star Sammul Chan’s involvement in this. Appearing earlier at an Emporio Armani event, Myolie was asked if she believed the reports. She said: "We worked together filming for ‘When Rules Turn Loose’ and I did not notice anything." Myolie says that Sammul is just a little reserved and she knows a lot of gay people, as this is a common occurrence. Myolie has had kissing scenes in the past with Sammul and she did not feel any awkwardness with him.

Also, recent reports have suggested that Myolie has been going shopping for glasses with Bosco and his mother. Myolie explains that she wanted to go and buy some glasses and Bosco’s relative has an opticians, so she went to choose some special styles. She says: "I never thought I would be photographed and then reported as ‘sweetening up the future mother-in-law’ because I did not even know that Bosco’s mother was there. It doesn’t matter though, I am not doing anything that is unacceptable, so I will see it as creating some publicity for Bosco’s new show ‘Dicey Business’."

Bosco appeared at a Children’s Award Ceremony, but he was late to collect his award. He explained that he had to rush over from location filming and he has caught a cold recently, so he has been coughing non-stop. Asked if his friends have been caring for him, he forces a laugh and says: "No, even my mother has just given me some medicines before heading out on a trip to China. (How about Myolie?) I think she has a sixty-episode series to film."

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