Anne Heung Secretive About Yoyo Mung’s Rumours with Ekin Cheung

Former Miss Hong Kong winners Anne Heung and Virginia Yung took part in an "Evergreen Modelling" event, where they joined over a hundred pensioners to share tips on how to build confidence, attractiveness and beauty.

Anne’s good friend Yoyo Mung has been linked with Ekin Cheng recently and when she was asked about this, Anne was very secretive as she told the press to ask Yoyo. As for Yoyo becoming the target of the paparazzi lately, she has warned Yoyo to drive carefully. Talking of Yoyo smiling sweetly whenever the romance is mentioned, Anne says that Yoyo is always very happy. At the event, Anne shared her experiences of doing shows and taking part in Miss Hong Kong with the elderly participants and although she has been in the industry for many years now, she is still nervous when she goes on stage. Talking of how she gets on with the older generation, she says that she does not spend much time with them because her own grandparents are abroad, however, she does not worry about not being able to communicate because many pensioners are very trendy and old many life experiences, so she has a lot to learn from them.

Virginia and Anne have a close affinity because they were school friends for both high school and university and it was Virginia who crowned Anne. She feels that she is able to get on with the elderly and feels the most important thing is patience, so she does not have any problems getting on with her mother-in-law. Asked what she thinks of this year’s Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan, she says she has not seen Aimee in person, but feels she is quite pretty. As for the rumours about her breast enhancement, she feels that if it is acceptable for the person, then that is okay.

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