Bernice Liu’s First Diamond Was Bought By Her Dad

Bernice Liu appeared at a jewellery promotion earlier in Central, where she modelled a set of jewellery worth $1.8 million. During this event, she was asked whether she liked her jewels and she said: "I really like pearls and when I was in Australia, I bought a set of black pearl jewellery for a five figure sum. At that time, this was my most expensive set of jewellery that I had ever bought for myself. (Have your previous boyfriends ever bought anything for you?) No, my first diamond was bought by my dad. (In that case what gifts have your boyfriends given you?) Some portraits, making dinner for me, one even made an embroidery for me because I feel that the thought and sincerity is the most important thing."

If thought is all that is necessary, then is it easy for a man to win her heart? Bernice smiles: "I do want him to have a home that can accommodate my two dogs. Haha just joking, I will save up for my own home. My criteria is very simple really, the most important thing is to be able to communicate and chat together. (So does Moses Chan fit your criteria?) What, what are you saying? Haha!"

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