The Changing Times Costume Fitting Date

Date of Costume Fitting: 28th September 2006

Episodes: 60

Producers: Tommy Leung, Poon Ka Tak

Cast: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Sheren Tang, Toby Leung, Michael Miu, Joe Ma, Damien Lau, Chen Kun, Chen Bao Guo

Filming Location: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Canada

Date of Filming: October 2006 until March/April 2007

Ron Ng is a car racer (Ron Station)

Jessica Hsuan is a rich lady with a family business (10th August 2006 Singapore interview)

Charmaine Sheh plays an independent woman (9th August 2006 news)

Joe Ma plays the role of a proper merchant (according to other fans)

Toby Leung plays the role of Michael and Sheren’s daughter (20th September 2006 news)

Michael Miu and Sheren Tang portray a couple (20th September 2006 news)

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