Kelly Chan tango dance with Raymond Lam for “2007 Beijing Chinese New Year Party”

Kelly Chan yesterday was in Tseung Kwan O, TVB City to practice her Tango dance with Raymond Lam for "2007 Beijing Chinese New Year Party". To the rumors that said Kelly refused to perform for the ‘Miss Chinese International Pagent’ because she didn’t win a lot of awards from the ‘Jade Solid Gold Awards’, she simply replied by, "I’m at TVB right now. I already said I wouldn’t be in Hong Kong to do the MCI, but TVB and I will still have chances to work together!" This time dancing Tango with Raymond Lam would cause some interaction (chest touching chest), but Kelly doesn’t mind, "It’s a part of dancing. It would look bad if I tie my chest."

On the other hand, Raymond says he’s nervous dancing with Kelly, "She has long arms and legs, so we have to work on the speed of the movements." He was also asked about being late and made Jessica angry news, but he didn’t respond because they had to continue rehearsing.

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