Zhang Jingchu Doesn’t Want to Be Compared to Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Jingchu promoted her film "Jade Warrior" in Hangzhou on 26th October /Photo: sohu.com

Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu will join Jackie Chan and co-star Chris Tucker for "Rush Hour 3," becoming the second Chinese actress to appear in the Rush Hour series. ??

Zhang Ziyi first appeared in "Rush Hour 2" back in 2001, when she was still a newcomer in Hollywood. ?

Zhang Jingchu said yesterday that she hopes media won’t compare her performance to Zhang Ziyi. She also refused to reveal any details about the movie. ?

Some insiders suggest one important reason the American movie producers chose Zhang Jingchu was because she speaks fluent English. ??

The actress has already showed her linguistic advantage in the Sino-Finnish co-production "Jade Warrior," which opened in China last week.a

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