ZaiZai spends Christmas Eve with DaS

ZaiZai has been busy filming for "Delicious Relationships," plus he needs to attend school every Thursday of each week to catch up on homework. Ontop of work and school, ZaiZai has to find time to spend with girlfriend, DaS.

On Christmas Eve, ZaiZai spent it with DaS’s family, including her 80year old grandma, HsuMa, and XiaoS and Elly. HsuMa says: "Christmas Eve is best spent inside, to avoid all the reporters outside!" XiaoS also brought Elly for grandma to play with.

During the filming of "Delicious Relationships," ZaiZai would frequently talk to AlanKuo about cars, music, but he would rarely interact with Patty, making people wonder if he is afraid. The director says that ZaiZai is very serious about his work and has his own ideas and thoughts when filming. "Delicious Relationships" was supposed to be finished in November, but it was delayed due to some issues, but the director said that for sure it will be done filming in January.

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