Zai Zai takes care of Elly, becomes a dad-in-training

After giving birth to Xu Qiao Niu (Elly), Xiao S has been leading the life of a rich housewife, taking her out shopping every other day. As her sister Da S and boyfriend Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) do not have to film recently, they helped Xiao S take care of her daughter. Yesterday, the four of them went shopping, Zai Zai became a ‘dad in training’ and did well taking care of Elly and she did not cry or make a scene. When asked how many marks Xiao S would give her future brother in law, she praised him and gave him 100 marks! Da S sweetly replied immediately, “He only took care of the pram!” With Xiao S’s support, Zai Zai becoming the Xu family’s son-in-law is soon to be expected.

Enjoying the warmth of the family

On the afternoon of the 3rd, reporters saw Da Xiao S and Zai Zai take Elly shopping at SOGO mall. The sisters were busy choosing bags, leaving Zai Zai at a side to take care of Elly. The 1 year old Elly’s cherubic face made her very lovable, but her character is the opposite of her energetic and lively mother, and is instead like the more introverted Zai Zai.

Made Funny faces to coax Elly

At first, Zai Zai and Elly sullenly looked at passer-bys but later, the two started to stare at each other to compete to see who would laugh first. Zai Zai first stared deeply and affectionately at Elly, but seeing that she had no reaction, he started to make funny faces to make her laugh, but she still had no reaction. Da S started laughing after seeing this, and she went over to carry Elly to help to coax her. Zai Zai seemed to treat Elly as his own, allowing her to use her hands to rub and pinch his face indiscriminately, enjoying the rare chance of family happiness.

Zai Zai, who will be 25 this year, has not gone for military service and his graduation from his studies has repeatedly been delayed due to his acting career. Previously, his character was rash and he loved to race cars, but after dating Da S, he has become more mature. Though this trainee Dad is still slightly childish, he took his job caring for Elly very responsibly. When returning home, the reporters praised him for having a hand with children and he was very happy after hearing that. Smiling, he protectively reminded the reporters, “Children are frightened by flashing lights, so don’t flash the camera at her eyes.”

Da S could not help but rebut

Seeing everyone fondle her daughter admirably, Xiao S’s face shone with the pride. It is rumoured that Da S and Zai Zai would tie the knot soon. When asked whether they would get married this year, the two smiled but did not reply. Instead, Xiao S could not stop praising her future brother-in-law. Responding to the question how many marks she would give Zai Zai, she replied without hesitation, “His performance today was excellent! I give him 100 marks.” Seeing the satisfaction on Zai Zai’s face, Da S could not help but rebut, “He was only responsible for pushing the pram!”

4.35 pm
While shopping, Zai Zai (middle) was responsible for pushing the pram and taking care of Elly, Da S (right) and Xiao S took turns to coax Elly.

4.41 pm
Da S (left) and Elly playing, Zai Zai (back) had a look of happiness being a ‘dad’.

4.46 pm
Xiao S (right) carried Elly home, Zai Zai (left) and Da S followed at the back silently pushing the pram.

7.28 pm
Zai Zai (left) and Da S brought Elly to visit friends, the two smiled but did not respond to questions about marriage.

Fortune Teller: If no marriage this year, likely to break up

Zhan Wei Zhong
Da S loves Zai Zai more, if Zai Zai agrees, the two will be married soon. But if the two do not get married within this year, they will likely split up. Da S’s luck this year will be better than Zai Zai, after the 6th month she will be pursued by a rich man.

Jiang Bo Le
Looking at the tarot cards, in the past Zai Zai was in a weaker position but this year he will be in a strong position. This year however, the two will not have a good relationship and the chances of marriage are not big. Also if they do not get married this year they might break up. There is a chance that Zai Zai will have a change of heart.

*francesca : there goes the trusty fortune-tellers again. they just keep recycling their predictions

Zai Zai stops filming temporarily, no mention about marriage.

Zai Zai and Da S’s recent jobs have ended, as a result the two have time to shop and take care of Elly. Last year, Da S’s income was 34200 thousand NT while Zai Zai’s income is higher, reaching 45000 thousand NT. As such, his company is not afraid that their relationship would break Zai Zai’s Prince Charming image. Zai Zai’s agent Wang Yi Xuan said, “Any man who loves kids is a good man.” Mother Xu also said, “No, this is a basic principle, since they went out together, he will obviously help.”

This year she will not marry her daughter off

As the filming of ‘Mei Wei Guan Xi’ (rough translation, Tasteful Relationship?) where he has the lead role has ended, and Da S’s ‘Corner With Love’ where she also plays the lead actress is being broadcast, the two have time on their hands. As to whether they are planning their marriage, Mother Xu strongly emphasized, “Not this year!” Asked whether Zai Zai’s ongoing studies and not having done military service is an obstacle, Mother Xu said, “I’m not worried, this should be something his company should worry about.”

After the filming of ‘Mei Wei’ ends, Zai Zai will fly to Japan/Korea to attend a press conference as the representative of the tourism board. He will then concentrate on recording his own album which if successful, will be released this summer. Da S’s jobs this year will still focus on filming series. As for hosting, she will host part of a new variety show with Xiao S.

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