Zai Mei Bian

It was the last show for ‘Final Home’- rock concert and Mayday invited Leehom as their special guest. A rock concert all of a sudden turned into a Rap competition. Ah Shin changed from a rocker to a rapper and sung “Zai Mei Bian” with Leehom!

Leehom performed the song “Zai Mei Bian” as Ah Shin wrote the beautiful lyrics for him. Leehom was very familiar with the rap lyrics and managed to rap without getting his tongue twisted, however as the lyric writer, Ah Shin only managed half of the lyrics before he started to forget and tried to get by by slurring. Leehom made fun of him and said “How can you forget the lyrics?” Ah Shin cleverly replied “Who on earth wrote this set of lyrics?”

Ah Shin had a hoarse voice when he was singing at the concert several days before and the media focused on his voice. At the concert yesterday when Ah Shin was testing the microphone, Marsha made fun of him and said “Please don’t use this hoarse voice again, otherwise the media will criticize you badly tomorrow again!” Ah Shin smiled and replied “Oh well, it doesn’t matter, since they have criticized me badly already!” Ah Shin then asked his fans whether they will stop coming to their concerts because of his hoarse voice, his fans shook their heads and Ah Shin sighed with relieve. After a day’s rest, Ah Shin’s voice seems to be improving and has performed well.

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