Yuan Ming Yuan 圆明园

I visited the garden during my previous visit to Beijing, China. The garden is now in rather bad conditions as the officials there did not mantain the area. What is left are some bricks which hardly could assemble the origins of their state. And while I was at that place, we came across a house that has a video played and visitors were welcomed to watch it. I joined in to my curiousity.

The video were showing the history of the place from it’s original state to how it got demolished by France and the UK (those days). Yuan Ming Yuan is rather a huge garden and contains many collections belong to the late dynasty ruler but sadly, it was demolished and mostly are no longer exist now. It was quite an insight, even it was only in movie scene, the place overall has impressed me. For those of you who are interested, here are the video hosted on youtube:

* There are three parts for three series. Watch all to understand the whole story.

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