Yoyo raises laughs at “At Home with Love” Promo

TVB series "At Home with Love" held a promotional event in a hotel restaurant yesterday and male lead Lawrence Ng was still absent, leaving Yoyo Mung to hold the fort. However, she was left speechless with all the Ekin jokes that she was subjected to.

Yoyo joined Raymond Cho, Natalie Tong, Carlo Ng and Helen Ma in two teams to decorate some cakes. As soon as she arrived, Yoyo had stated: "I am not saying anything today, I will die if I do!" She started by making a cocktail, which she named ‘Greenfield Immortal’ and said: "This is great, you will become an immortal after drinking it!". Carlo responded quickly and said: "Did you managed to get Ekin through your drinks?", but Yoyo pretended not to hear. After they finished their cakes, Raymond named his creation ‘Yi Ga Cake’ (Ekin & Yoyo Cake) and after admitting they would lose after such a great name, Carlo proceeded to name his creation ‘Mung Yi Building’, Yoyo was left with no choice but to laugh along. When Raymond and Carlo tested the cocktails, Helen said: "Raymond should drink first, he is getting married soon!" Raymond immediately pointed at Yoyo and said: "We are talking about her, why are you talking about me?" At the end of the event, host Miguel Choi asked the judge Chung King Fai if he was Ekin, which cake would he like better, to which he pointed to Yoyo’s team and said: "Of course it would be that one!"

Yoyo did not mind bearing the brunt of all the jokes and says: "I had expected it and I know they will stay within limits." Yoyo indicates that the event was tying in with the plot of the show because her character’s brother makes cakes and they filmed it on location. Talking of the cake she made for Ekin on his birthday, did she pick up some tips from her series? She smiles sweetly: "No, my make up artist taught me. (Ekin seems to have become happier after dating you?) I don’t know. (Have you also become happier?) I have always been a happy person." She also reveals that her friends often become ill after eating her cakes, so was Ekin alright after his? She says she does not know.

Raymond was asked later whether he is getting married soon and he says that there is a big chance he will get married next year, but this is only his intention and he has not proposed to his girlfriend yet. He says: "We have been dating for four years now and people have been rushing me to marry, but our goal is to buy an apartment and I have nearly saved enough now. We will have to see whether we get a home first or marry first, because we don’t mind waiting a year or two before we get married. (Do you want to have children?) It is a great responsibility, so we have to sit down and discuss it properly, I have had my times when I have thought about being a father."

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