Yoyo Mung Says Linda Chung Has Star Potential

Yoyo Mung and Linda Chung were filming in Causeway Bay for TVB series "Storm in a Pool" yesterday and despite being a hot favourite for this year’s ‘Most Improved Female Artiste’ award at the TVB anniversary, Linda will not be able to take part in today’s lighting up ceremony for the Anniversary period. She does not mind though and says: "Let nature take its course. Although I have filmed many series, there is still a lot of room for improvement in my acting skills and making true progress is more important than winning an award. If I win it is a bonus, but I will still work hard if there is no award."

Having been linked with Ekin in rumours whilst filming for "Always Ready", Linda showed no hesitation when working opposite Ekin’s new girlfriend Yoyo and the two seemed to get on very well. Yoyo indicates she thinks Linda will win the award, but she says that awards are not a necessity, so whether she wins or not is not important.

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