Yoyo Mung Love Comes First for Year of the Pig

Yoyo Mung appeared in a black strappy dress at a promotion for 3D Gold’s ‘Year of the Pig Family’ product launch yesterday and she was allowed to model the award-winning necklace design and asked to take part in a game where she had to position the five ‘Golden Pigs’ in a little house. Geomancy expert Lee Sing Chak indicated that she put the ‘Love Pig’ at the top of the house, so this means that love comes first for her. He also warned her to be careful when driving this year, to which Yoyo laughed: "Well the paparazzi had better not chase me!"

Master Lee also indicated that Yoyo is very excitable and says what she thinks, but needs to be careful about her elders’ health. He adds that she has large eyes and a straight nose, which means she is very faithful, so she is well suited to her boyfriend, but she will not be getting married this year. When Yoyo placed the Love Pig at the top of the house, the MC asked if this house was in Sai Kung, she quickly responded: "I don’t live in Sai Kung." As for the Master’s words about her not getting married this year. Yoyo says that she will not be getting married for a while yet and she has no wishes for this yet. Asked if she believes the fortune tellers words, she feels it is a bit of fun and she will believe the good bits and not believe the bad bits. She says that your fortune grows from your heart, because you need to communicate with your partners and not leave each other guessing, just like having to communicate well with the director when you are filming.

With Ekin Cheng currently fiming on the mainland, does she not have as much time to communicate with her boyfriend then? She says: "I have not played badminton for a long time, now I play tennis. Of course sometimes we will have arguments, but you have to know when to turn down the temper. I have argued with the director before when I have been filming, but now I have learned to listen. (Do you put love first?) Love is important, but the most important thing is family, so my first place is family and health."

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