Yoyo Mung kisses Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam and Yoyo Mung were filming for Lau Ka Ho’s new series last night at Wanchai. Raymond reveals that he hasn’t slept for the last 40 hours, so he felt rather tired while doing the kissing scene. He says: "I needed to eat some mints to refresh myself and clean my mouth. This is for Yoyo’s own good and I myself can’t stand bad breath too." However Yoyo said that she wasn’t professional enough. She only knew about the need to film this scene in the morning so she did not do any preparations beforehand.

The series plot talks about Yoyo being a third wheel in Linda Chung and Raymond’s relationship. But in reality, she said she would not take the initiative to kiss a guy. The most she would do is to reveal her feelings to him and would not be a third wheel. Raymond said that once a girl has made the first move to him. He laughs: "This is normal especially when you’re in the entertainment circle. You need to depend on your looks to be successful."

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