Yoyo Mung is Happy Just to Receive a Bottle of Water,

Bobby Au Yeung and Yoyo Mung were filming yesterday for new series "Trouble Daddy" on location in a scene where Yoyo is dumped by Evergreen Mak and when she meets him with his new lover Eileen Yeow in a mall, she has to outdo him, but this is all seen by Bobby.

Yoyo says she took a rest on New Year’s Day and yesterday was the first day back at work in 2007. She smiles: "In a moment, Bobby should by buying a round of drinks. He has already bought me breakfast this morning. (Why aren’t you buying?) He is the main lead, so I will not fight him for this." For the new year, Yoyo spent it with her family going for lunch. Asked if she has been making long distance phone calls (boyfriend Ekin Cheng is filming away), she smiles she has not and now she is working, she has to concentrate on what she is doing. For Christmas, she syas she did give some presents to her friends and received many gifts too, but when asked what she received, she would not reveal anything, just saying: "Giving gifts is all about the thought, even if I receive a bottle of water, it will still make me happy."

Yoyo also reveals that there is a very difficult scene in the show that tells of her telling her mother why she did not get married. The director told her to cry as she spoke, but without changing her voice, so she will be preparing her emotions at home before filming. Asked how she will do this with her current good mood and basking in romance, she smiles: "I am an actor! Also, I am someone who cries very easily, all I have to do is think of festivals and I will become quite teary."

Bobby did not have any time off for Christmas or New Year this year and he could not even have dinner at home, having his countdown in the studios. Fortunately his wife has many good friends and was not lonely. Asked how he will make it up to her not being able to spend time with her, he says: "Nothing! I don’t have time to go and buy her a present and I usually buy her gifts anyway, and this can work out even more expensive." Hopefully this show will finish filming by the Chinese New Year and Bobby plans to take a short break and have a vacation, but he has not decided on the location yet.

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