Yoyo Mung & Ekin Cheng’s Relationship Goes Public

Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung Ka Wai started their romance from a mutual interest in badminton. Their relationship progressed successfully and yesterday their underground relationship officially went public.

Ekin and Yoyo were spotted bicycling together in Saikung. Each time there was an uphill, Ekin would take care of Yoyo, displaying his sensitivity and protectiveness.

Ekin and Gigi Leung Wing Kei ended their 7 year relationship, with Gigi crying in “On the Road” program: “When a relationship ends, I told myself it was just a dream!” In the mean time, Ekin had mended his heart and started a brand new relationship.

At 4 PM yesterday, Yoyo and Ekin wore gray t-shirts and shorts while bike riding in the Saikung countryside. When they realized the presence of reporters, Yoyo pedalled fasters while Ekin appeared sour-faced. Reporters ran after Ekin and Yoyo, who continued to bike.

When Ekin and Yoyo reached the harbor, they took a break to drink water and go to the restroom before returning to Hong Kong island.

Reporters contacted Yoyo afterwards. Since Yoyo was a Christian, was she looking for a partner who shared the same faith? “Of course! But sometimes one’s faith changes after marriage.”
Will Yoyo be marrying soon? “I married many times in the past with Alex Fong Chung Sung and Bobby Au Yeung.

Ekin said, “Actually Buddhism and Christianity both teach people to be good-natured.”

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