Yoyo Mung & Ekin Cheng Living Together?

Recently there were rumors that Yoyo Mung Ka Wai and Ekin Cheng were living together and have met each others’ parents, with a lightning wedding in the works!

The normally mild-mannered Ekin erupted in anger when confronted with these rumors!

Ekin appeared at a Canon promotional event yesterday. “I will not respond to whether we are living together or not! I said before that I will not discuss private matters! The tabloids have gotten out of hand! If you like to read it, that’s fine, but do not ask me about it!”

Did Ekin and Yoyo’s parents meet with each other? Ekin responded angrily, “The press already took photos of the incident! There is no need to ask again!”

Ekin also described the paparazzi as having the “license to gossip.” Ekin said, “Photographs are fine, but there is no need to always come after me! Hong Kong artists have no privacy left!”

Will Ekin close his window blinds in the future to avoid unauthorized photos? “I need my own privacy, but I will not lower my blinds! I will not pay attention to the recent tabloids!”

Yoyo just returned from Shanghai and was prepared for the paparazzi’s questions. “I have not seen the tabloid reports, but a friend told me about them. I question whether the person in the photograph was truly me! The photographer who took the picture have overstepped the line!”

“I will not respond to futher questions. As they have become disturbing, there is no longer a need to respond.”

Was Yoyo living together with Ekin? She shook her head. When reporters asked if Yoyo and Ekin were living separately, she said, “I will not respond.” Yoyo’s answers were hypocritical and difficult to decipher.

Yoyo and Ekin both expressed their displeasure in being followed by the paparazzi. Yoyo said, “When I drive nowadays, I spend more time looking in the rearview mirror rather than keeping my eyes on the road!”

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