Yoyo Mung & Ekin Cheng Dating

Yoyo Mung Ka Wai has experienced several obstacles in love relationships. Her love life has been empty but unexpectedly, she met Ekin Cheng, who was going through the same emotional downs. Since both Yoyo and Ekin love playing badminton and water sports, they have gotten on really well. Accordingly, Yoyo and Ekin’s relationship has advanced to the point where Yoyo has even spent a night at Ekin’s!

Yoyo just turned 31 and has focused on work the last year. Lai Lok Yi introduced her to Ekin. Lai Lok Yi was once rumored to be dating Yoyo. After Lai and Ekin filmed "Always Ready," they became good friends. Since Lai and Yoyo share the same TVB manager, they are quite friendly and Yoyo met Ekin through Lai at one of the gatherings. Since Yoyo and Ekin share the same interests, their "friendship" had advanced quickly.

Yesterday at 1 PM, the reporter spotted Yoyo’s car parked in the parking lot. She met up with Ekin, Kate Tsui and several TVB production crew members to play badminton. The game lasted for 5 hours.

At 6 PM, Yoyo and Ekin reappeared at the parking lot to retreive their cars. Although they were not holding hands, their hands lingered in close proximity and they appeared very comfortable with each other, with Yoyo often smiling widely. They both got in the car and left together.

Yoyo had to film for Lau Ka Ho’s new TVB series, so their friends left early so that Yoyo would have time alone with Ekin.

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