Yoyo Mung does not have to play Badminton with Ekin

Yoyo Mung has been busy with work recently and yesterday she was modelling for a footwear company, who presented her with three pairs of shoes. She says that she loves to wear leather boots and also high heels, but she once caught her heel in a gap when she was wearing heels and this was quite embarrassing. Usually when she goes out, Yoyo says that she dresses quite simply because she wants to return to being herself. Recently has she been buying more training shoes to play badminton in? She laughs that with the anniversary looming, she thinks there will be more opportunities to wear high heels.

Ekin Cheng has gone to Mainland China to film for a series and will be going to play tenpin bowling with Jordan instead. Yoyo says that she does not just have Ekin as a badminton partner and she can still play with Claire Yiu. When the reporters pointed out that it would be rude to disturb Claire after her marriage next month, Yoyo says that she has plenty of other good partners. She will be playing badminton with Chu Ling Ling for a forthcoming charity event and she says that the pressure is quite high. Asked if she will ask Ekin to be her partner, she says that this will be arranged by the company and she will not reply to theoretical questions. Asked if she will not continuing ‘developing’ [their relationship] with Ekin being away, she insisted on refusing to talk about her relationship.

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