Yoyo Mung and Toby Leung Attended at a Beauty Event

Yoyo Mung and Toby Leung were invited to a beauty event yesterday and Toby modelled some new cosmetics for the sponsors. Yoyo attended wearing a long sleeved top and hot pants, showing off her long slim legs. Asked about recent reports that have broken in a magazine that Kenix Kwok and Hacken Lee had a secret affair lasting four years, Yoyo, who worked with Kenix’s husband Frankie Lam on “Forensic Heroes” says that she has not read the report and she feels that these reports are pointless and if she was on the cover, she would not be interested in buying it as she would just check to see if the photos were pretty. Yoyo suggests that people should save the money that they spend on these magazines and donate it to charity instead.

Whilst Toby was being made up, she pulled some funny faces and the press were ready to joke with her.

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