Yoyo Chan,Winnie Shum, and Others At Cosmetics Event

Yoyo Chan, Lanmui Lee, Winnie Shum, Devily Leung and Chan Dan Dan were invited to model at a cosmetics event yesterday and Yoyo indicated that since she started using cosmetics when she became a model, she has tried products that cost thousands of dollars and she has always wished to shoot a cosmetics ad because they are always so beautiful and she will receive sponsorship, so it would be a double gain.

Yoyo admits that she has spent the most money on cosmetics and skincare product and her beauty tip is to do a facial at night and place the paper into the fridge before using it again in the morning as this makes it very refreshing and can also reduce puffiness.

Winnie tried a new foundation esterday and she says that she did not know how to put on eyebrow make up before so she always looked very tomboyish. She has her mother’s rather thick eyebrows and she did not wear much make up then.

Lanmui has just joined TVB from ATV and this was her first event after joining TVB. She says that she has more jobs after moving over and the fee is much higher too. As for skincare products, she laughs that the most important thing is to do more masks because she has a lot of bumps on her face.

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