YouTube Agree to Delete TVB’s Clips,

After the Yumiko Cheng incident at this year’s Tung Wah Show, the clips quickly appeared on the internet and TVB were very displeased about this. Yesterday, TVB’s legal affairs department issued a letter to YouTube, demanding them to delete the clips and the company have complied as all clips were removed from the site yesterday.

TVB General Manager Stephen Chan indicates that the copyright of the clips belongs to TVB and callous uploading is illegal, so TVB have requested that they are removed from the site. TVB’s External Affairs Assistant Director Tsang Sing Ming says that he has asked the legal department to urge YouTube to delete the illegally uploaded clips, otherwise TVB reserve the right to pursue further legal proceedings. Finally, all clips were removed from the site yesterday evening.

TVB has also sealed up the original footage, never to be broadcasted again. Mr Chan says that when the show is aired overseas, this scene will be deleted out of respect for the artistes.

Asked if Yumiko will be seeking responsibility from the company for the accident, Mr Chan says: "This was an accident, but I feel that her costume could have fit better or been a one piece outfit." As for Eric Tsang’s derogatory comment, Mr Chan responds: "Eric knows about it and he was just aiming to inject some humour. He did not mean it to be malicious."

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