Ying Ye San Jia Yi school opening ceremony Chen Qiao En unable to withstand Ming Dao, Jason Hsu and Jerry Huang KUSO confession

SETTV and TTV’s new idol drama “Ying Ye San Jia Yi(YYSJY)” will be aired this summer. The story narrates Xia Tian(Chen Qiao En). Ah Jiang(Ming Dao), Fang Wei(Jerry Huang) and Bulu(Jason Hsu) whom all grew up in Westside Street together and studies at Ying Ye School together.
“YYSJY” hasn’t started filming but it has already created a phenomenon in Taiwan. Yesterday, there was a opening ceremony at Xi Men Ding which is a popular teenager hangout. They got fans to be involve in the school registration ceremony by having them wear their school uniform and then reading out the school rules together. They were asked to be loyal to the drama. Among the nearly 1000 group of fans, there were also Hong Kong fans who came as early as six am to queue up and was in Hong Kong’s school uniform. This touched the cast a lot.
The cast also revealed that YYSJY’s comic version will be out in June and the dressing style in the comic will be identical to the drama. They will also be going to lots of schools to interact with fans.
The event was started with the cheerleaders using their energetic and lively performance. Next out were the highly anticipated cast. First, there was 196cm tall’s Jerry Huang riding a BMW motorbike which not only caused fans to scream but was also praised handsome by Ming Dao. Next was Jason Hsu “flying” the bike in. He said that he stepped on the power gear too quickly and was bounced out of the seats although he was still fine. Ming Dao came in last and was driving Chen Qiao En in the backseat like a lovely pair of couple. The moment the bike reached the end point, fans started screaming for Ming Dao to drive them. The cooperation between all four groups are not only highly anticipated by Taiwan fans but also by mainland fans. The crew received great news yesterday that Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En has already been invited by An Wei Tele company to go mainland to advertise. What they were attracted to was the chemistry between the cast.
The female lead Chen Qiao En will be acting as a caring and gentle tomboy who has a really tomboyish character. Hence, she gets very unease by confessions by the guys and in the event yesterday, to go along with the plot, there was a KUSO confession scheduled. Ming Dao took out punching gloves and said that he want Qiao En to be his wild girlfriend and also declared that he will not ever leave her. Qiao En was actually untouched by Ming Dao’s cheesy confession and didn’t have any response. However, in response to Jason Hsu’s swimming float and brave confession of sticking with her even if the world is to the end and the world is destroyed and throwing out a float to save her, Qiao En was so shy that she stepped back a few steps and kept saying “It’s really touching” Jerry Huang’s confession was the most creative as he took out a pair of 20cm tall shoe and declared that he want to have a zero distance relationship with Qiao En. He wan the applause of everyone. When the four cast stood together, Jerry was the tallest, Jason the strongest, but in order to keep to requirements, all four actors and actresses had to go on a diet. Ming Dao eats oatmeal in the morning and diets by eating low calories. Jason is keeping to the current weight and states that males have to have a bit of muscles and fats to be “man”. Jerry doesn’t mix any meat and rice together and decreases carbohydrates intake. Qiao En follows instruction of dieting instructors and eat healthy meals.

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