Ying Ye 3+1 rushing through filming despite Typhoon, cast awaited phone calls

Idol drama “Ying Ye 3 Jia 1” is fearless of the huge typhoon and continued to film in the midst of the thunderstorm yesterday. The cast all woke up with anticipation that day, hoping to receive calls from the production crew that they will have a typhoon day off(holiday due to the typhoon). Jerry Huang and Chen Qiao En unanimously said that “I was waiting for the phone to ring!” Although Ming Dao had the same hopes, he still very reluctantly went out to film and he didn’t forget to remind fans that they should stay home when there’s typhoon and watching “Ying Ye 3 Jia 1” will be safer.

The main cast Ming Dao, Qiao En, Meng Zhe, Jerry yesterday(17) was filming a scene of Xiao Wei managing to get a picture of Xia Tian and Fang Wei being in a slightly disgraceful manner, arousing Ah Jiang’s anger and the group ending up fighting. Too bad the typhoon came to disrupt things.  

When asked about the typhoon coming and the crew not giving out typhoon day off, all the main cast expressd that it was the first time they met such a no typhoon day off crew. The main reason behind it is that Ming Dao went off to Vietname with 183 Club to have a concert recently and they had to finish rushing through scenes that couldn’t be film then. Also, the week had been filled with unstable weather conditions and throughout the whole filming, the director and cast had to fight for time with the weather. When it rains, the whole group rushes into the shop to stay out of the rain and the moment the rain stops, they will rush to the road to continue filming.

When mentioning about the typhoon day off, Qiao En expressed that “When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was to stare out of the window and then look at my handphone. I was anticipating the crew to call and say that there’s a holiday but the call never came and I had no choice but to obediently leave the house.” She also revealed abit of this week’s highlight which is that Xia Tian will be slapped by Senator Kong. It is very exciting and she hoped that everyone will stay at home and watch since there’s a typhoon and it will be unsafe to go out. Jerry who was at the side immediately added on that “I wasn’t holding the phone but I already wore my bluetooth headset and was waiting for the call too. But no one called.” Ming Dao then calmly said that”This is like students anticipating a holiday due to typhoon, but I didn’t held any hopes. If filming needs to be done, then it must be done.”

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