Year of the Pig – Horoscopes by Feng Shui Master Mak Ling Ling

Among the twelve animal signs, the Pig year will bring much fulfilment as people rush to get married or have children in this year. Master Mak says that although this year is not a true ‘Gold Pig’ year [it is in fact a ‘Fire Pig’ year], but many people see the Pig as an auspicious sign, so there will be a lot of festivities this year. Master Mak offers her predictions for each of the twelve signs this year and starts by pointing out that it will be an especially good year for those who were born in the year of the Rabbit and the Horse. Snakes need to be careful as their sign is in opposition. This year is also a good year for those who have a link to water, so if you have a watery name, then it will be a good year.

She says that last year’s Dog year had a fortune star on women, so there will be a lot of very obedient Pig children born this year. Pig children will get on especially well with parents who are Tigers, Rabbits and Sheep. This year’s fortune star shines on men over 35 years of age, so some eligible bachelors such as Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok may announce their wedding plans at any time!

Master Mak indicates that in the world of entertainment, this year will be a good year for talent and it will be a time for those with skill to shine, whereas those who rely purely on hype will see a declining success. Films about children or animation will do well this year, but it will also be a year of endless gossip and argument, so it will certainly be a colourful year!

Pigs are in direct opposition to the stars this year, but there are three lucky stars on your side, which will bring smooth progress in your personal career. There are a number of stars that may bring a slight injury, but this may be avoided by tending to dental hygiene, donating blood, giving to charity or to take part in happy occasions such as weddings. You can also wear a tiger or a sheep lucky charm.

Moses Chan (born 16/04/71) needs to take care when driving or working to avoid injury. He will be very busy workwise, but his popularity will rise and he may have the opportunity to win an award. Romance-wise, there will be happy new developments and if he has a girlfriend already, then this will take a leap forward.

The Sun shines over the Rat this year, which means there is a great influence from a senior male relative. This also signifies the sun shining in all directions, whis means there may be a chance of working abroad this year. However, there may be communication problems this year and this can lead to breakdown and conflict. Rat ladies have a short romance, but this will just be in passing.

Sammi Cheng (born 19/08/72) will have emotional troubles this year and be a little stressed because of the changes in her moods. Workwise, she will find that there are new breakthroughs and if she moves away from the place where she was born, she will find greater rewards.

Last year was a grim year for Ox people who were in opposition to the stars. This year things will change and there will be good success in careers. A lucky star will bring power and respect, but another star may affect health, so ladies especially need to take care. Also, you need to avoid unnecessary gossip that may lead to you being hurt.

Miriam Yeung (born 03/02/74) will have some new opportunities in her work this year and see some rewards. However, she needs to be careful of her eyes as well as other women’s ailments. This year has no romantic stars, so she is not likely to find her love.

Tigers and Pigs are very well matched, so there will be a lot of changes in the home and in health this year, so taking part in happy celebrations will aid your luck. There are three lucky stars which will bring a helping hand from a senior family member, a rise in power and for the ladies, a special person will bring you good luck.

For Eason Chan (born 27/07/74), this year will bring good luck in wealth and career and there will be a chance of him having another child. As wife Hilary Tsui is also a tiger, then the chance of this being a son is especially high. However, the chances are that they will be arguing before the child is born.

Rabbits this year will have lucky stars that will bring a great step in career luck, but there are some mischievous stars at play that will bring gossip and arguments. Do not allow your environment to affect you too much and this will bring you a very happy and fulfilled year.

Charmaine Sheh (born 28/05/75) could not evade her separation luck last year, but the Pig year is a happy one, where she will find luck in love and career. There will be someone looking out for her in her work, but she will continue to be surrounded with gossip. Love affairs will come one after another. Her rumoured boyfriend Ron Ng (born 1979) is a Goat and Goats and Rabbits get along very well. However, Charmaine is unlikely to maintain an elder woman relationship.

Last year’s conflicting stars meant that Dragons suffered financially and this year, there is another wealth obstacle, so be careful in how you invest. This year’s lucky stars mean that someone will be looking after you and there is a big chance of a romantic encounter. For those who are yet to find a partner, this year you will find the one.

Gigi Leung (born 25/03/76) has had a difficult year of the Dog and has faced a great loss, including that of love. This year, her romance turns for the better, especially in a foreign land, so this will make her happier. Careerwise, things will turn busy and she will receive more offers of ads, but her popularity will remain level.

Snake people are in opposition this year, so they will have very extreme changes. Wealth, romance and family become very unstable and everything should be considered with stability in mind to minimise the problems. Fortune comes in the opportunity to work abroad and an increase in socialising. A strong meddling star means that it will be easy to lose money this year, to avoid this, wear a rooster or an ox charm.

Aaron Kwok (born 26/10/65) will have some romance this year and he should face it seriously to make it long-lived. If he wants to get married, this may happen suddenly this year. Healthwise there will be a small problem and if he moves house, this will have a positive effect.

Lucky stars shine down on Horses this year and bring power, leadership and display of talents. All obstacles will be reduced to nothing and it is an ideal time to take great steps in your career. There will be some fluctuations in your wealth though.

For Leon Lai (born 11/12/66), this year will bring a lot of gossip, but romance is stable and he will have a happy lovelife, getting along well with Monkeys such as Gaile Lok. Working as a manager is very suitable for him because he will have good communication with those above and those below.

Everything will run smoothly for Goats this year with a good beginning, but yearning too hard for a big jump will only leave shattered dreams. Lucky stars shine on a show of talent and this will have a great help in your career, but beware of being left on your own as when the career goes well, your feelings may go down. Healthwise, there may be some small ailments and be wary of your social interactions.

Myolie Wu (born 06/11/79) found last year to be a year of great rewards but for great sacrifice and luck was only mediocre, so she did not win an award. This year, her luck takes a good turn and she has a chance to really shine. Romance is very floaty this year, because her ‘fire’ influence is very strong, so she should interact more with people whose names have a watery connection, like the ‘chak’ in Bosco Wong’s name.

Monkeys are opposing the stars this year, but they have a lot of lucky stars on their side to overcome any bad luck. You will find a helping hand to turn around any problems and form good relationships with other people and there is a strong chance of promotion and couples will grow stronger. Be wary
of some influences that may affect your person and your home.

Nic Tse (born 29/08/80) and Cecilia Cheung (born 24/05/80) will be having a ‘little piggy’ this year and the baby will bring them both good luck in career as Nic finds a new progression in his work. If the baby is born in August, then his personality will be very much like his father. The chances of Cecilia having a Caesarian is very high and she will continue working as a monther because she has a giving nature and will never spend a man’s money.

Roosters will find their luck improving on last year and there will be progress in career and talent. The urge to learn is at a peak this year and your ability to absorb knowledge is at its highest, causing your work to go up a level. However, this year will also bring you some peril and danger, so be careful of accidents when you are out and about or being bitten by animals.

Fiona Sit (born 11/08/81) lacked a breakthrough in her career last year, but this year her luck is not bad and takes a turn for the better. There will be a popular song, but with the popularity, there will also be rumours about her conflicts with others.

Dogs had an eventful year last year, but things should settle down this year. This year’s lucky stars control the area of weddings, children, new family members or marrying off children and there will also be smooth runnings for work and romance. Those who already have a family should take care not to be overly warm to others and this should avoid any misunderstandings.

Michelle Reis (born 20/08/70) is dating rich tycoon Julian Hui and this year will be a happy year, where she will receive a marriage proposal, but whether she will accept is another question. She has a confirmed relationship with her partner and there is a chance she will become Mrs Hui. As Michelle is destined to have to fight with someone, then she should find a more stable relationship with a divorced man.

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