Yang Hyun Suk “Seven, lost humor after Goong S”

Yang Hyun Suk "Seven, lost humor after Goong S"

"Seven doesn’t joke around anymore."

According to the entertainment, after transforming into an actor of MBC drama Goong S, Seven became more solemn.

YG Family’s president Yang Hyun Suk reported news about Seven on the YG homepage on the 15th.

Yang stated, "It is very hard to see Seven as much after he began acting in Goong S" and "nowadays I feel that Seven’s voice is somewhat different when I talk to him on the phone. Maybe it’s because of audience?"

Furthermore he wrote, "During the beginning of his acting in GoongS, I would send him a text message saying ‘You even went to an art school and you never practiced acting?’, and Seven would jokingly reply saying ‘hyung, I came to the office to clean it up during that time.’ But now he doesn’t joke around like that. He’s so serious."

Yang continued to say embarrassingly, "Anyway, I believe that he’s smart and that he’ll adapt well and become successful."

Seven’s acting debut GoongS started with %15.3 (TNS Media Korea survey) on its first episode, but its audience gradually declined, making the percentage a single digit, unable to increase back up to the two-digit number.

On the other hand, Seven is having a concert on April 7th, and is planning to depart for America to work on his album.

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