Yan Ng, Yoyo Mung and Ella Koon at Fashion Event

Yan Ng, Krusty, Yoyo Mung, Ella Koon, Monie Tung, Gia Lam, Fala Chen and Vivien Yeo were among the girls taking part in a fashion event earlier and to tie in with theme of the show, the currently joyful Yoyo had to change to a cool look and drag her feet along the catwalk. Some mischievous reporters did their best to try and make her laugh and even called out Ekin’s name, but she stayed professional and unaffected.

One of Yoyo’s outfits on the night was a fur coat, but she rarely wears real fur: "I have seen some films about trapping animals and I find it very cruel. Since then, I have an aversion to wearing fur." With so many promotional events lately, has Yoyo found her workload increasing after the news of her romance? She says this is unrelated and is purely because her series is being aired and this has an effect.

Yan has been busy filming for her new series "Cadets on the Beat" and there are many male cast members in the show, including Ron Ng, Michael Tao and Sammul Chan and she admits that her mouth is watering when she sees them, especially the tanned Michael who has the best physique. However, she laughs you can only look from afar, otherwise you will smell how sweaty they are! She reveals that once when the cast were wearing their uniforms, even she was oozing body odour as she became very embarrassed. She also says that many people swear on set and she feels quite violated because she is not used to it.

Ella sported a new short cut for the event, but because she likes to shake her hair, she will be having extensions put in to take her hair to her waist. Asked if rumoured boyfriend Ron has complimented her hairstyle, she immediately replied with embarrassment: "I don’t know, I am not answering."

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