Yan Cheng Xu’s (Jerry) CTV lead drama “The Hospital” ….

Yan Cheng Xu’s (Jerry) CTV lead drama “The Hospital” will be shown tonight at 8 pm, and begins to readily expose his white teeth and toothbrush. Outside the drama, Jerry is the endorser for Oral B toothbrushand oral care products. In the drama, that toothbrush gets to be seen, and starts to turn into a second leading role, with a cost of HK$50,000 paid by Oral B. As the giant star brushes his teeth, the drama group earned $200,000.

Killing two birds in one stone

Since the start of its shooting, The Hospital has been the center of focus, not merely because of its strong control, but especially because it has the biggest F4 member Jerry, now in his next scene, the scene where he wake ups and brushes his teeth. As he holds up his endorsed Oral B toothbrush and exposes his pearly white, teeth, it gave good viewer results than with his advertisements.

Jerry’s company endorsements and their talent fees

Jerry’s endorsement fees this year have exceeded HK$15,000.000. Among these are the Mia silver jewelry promo events, also Bench body wear with $200,000 sponsorship, and some corporate promos. The drama groups took advantage of these endorsements to make money, killing two birds in one stone.

Jerry’s best-seller smile is clearly seen in the first episode of The Hospital, to let the fans crave to see more. But is it really Wu Meng Da and Zhang Guo Zhu’ fight for the directorship of the surgical deptartment which is the focus and Jerry’s role as Dr. Su Yi Hua had been drawn in their faction war. In order to have a natural performance, Wu Meng Da used his Cantonese dialect. One of the leads Leon Dai frankly spoke, ” There were many complications when we were filming the drama because we didnt understand each other” But since Jerry once filmed in HK and he learned a few of their dialect, he smiled and said, “It’s fine with me. No problem”

For tonight’s initial broadcast, The Hospital drama group will set up 10 giant TV outdoor projectors spread across the entire country for a synchonized telecast. Jerry fans will gather at the top of Tung plaza to watch it all together. Last week, six international fan representaives held a meeting, and agreed to mobilize 1,500 fans from different countries to support him. A fan’s mother was flattred when he said “I wish you’re my mama” He also kept shaking hands with the fans for 3 and 1/2 hours, and as he had finished shaking hands with the last one he proudly said,” I had also shook hands for 8 hours!” On September, he would go to Japan for a fan gathering and on two locations it already had 10,000 people who signed up, truly deserving to be called the “light of Taiwan”.

(skipped the last part on the competition 8 pm TV serials)

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