Y Fitness Closed down

Are you a member of YFitness? If yes, then this news will definately disappoint you.

I went to the Y Fitness in Centro today and found a notice written that, “Y Fitness closed until further notice” or I would perceive it as, “What happened to Yogazone, happen to us”. We know Yogazone has closed down and has changed their management of the courts (in a word, they are closed), now this same issue would stike YFitness. There were an incident where a tour agent company closed down and the owner of the company flee off their customers money (who booked their tours or tour to no-where?). Now it looks like a trend, after charging the clients for an amount for a period of time and the company goes missing. I think membership that would cost for periods should not be allowed or the consumer should be protected in some way. It should not ask the customer to pay for the yearly fee in one short yet the member have not even enjoy the facilities for the time frame and the company just gone in a day.

This would certainly be a new experience and the last one to not believe those “pay first, enjoy later” type of products or services as you might not know what would happen next, like what happened to Y Fitness!

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