Xie Tianxiao’s New Single Hits Stores

Grunge veteran Xie Tianxiao finished production on a new single called "I Do Not Love You" recently and will sell it for 5.5 US dollars. ??

It is said to be the first Chinese single to be priced in line with a single international pricing standard. ??

Xie’s spokeman Mr. Zhong expressed his confidence this high price will be accepted by the market. ??

"This single is a high-quality one, both in production and packaging. The input for this single is even more than the cost for other Chinese albums. Also, there will be only 2,000 copies of this single." ??

The new single emulates Xie’s established grunge style and uses a Mongolian instrument, "matouqin," for the first time.

There is only a big forbidden logo on the cover with three striking colors: black, red and white. ??

This high-priced single is released by Pocket Music, a rising independent Chinese record label. ??

The rocker’s last album "X.T.X" surprisingly sold 100,000 copies in half an year in 2005 without any promotion. ?

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