XiaoZhu goes to the washroom, DaS cant help but peek and sees “little little pig.”

t’s DaS’s first time going on her good friend Blackie’s show, and she spills out some secrets. She admits that she peeked at XiaoZhu going to the washroom, and saw his "little little pig," and how Blackie is a dirty guy, even playing tricks on HsuMa by taking off his pants in front of her for her to see. During the recording, Blackie used another dirty trick to play XiaoZhu making him scared, so afriad that he went to hug onto

DaS says that she supports Blackie’s show, and that she even attended the opening of it. Recently she hasnt been watching the show because XiaoS went on a vacation and she has to watch Elly, no time to watch TV. Blackies then asks: "Are you afraid that the meimei’s will be a bad influence on Elly?" DaS replies: "Im afraid that you will be!"

DaS reveals that Blackie is a very dirty and wild man. She says that there was one time when he told HsuMa that he didnt feel good, and HsuMa got up adn asked him where, she will massage for him. Blackie then pulls off his pants and points to his butt, making HsuMa shocked as she stood there not knowing what to do. In the end, HsuMa slapped Blackies butt and said: "Go die! Go die!"

During the filming of tir drama, DaS and XiaoZhu said that the surroundings were quite old, and that the locks could be opened from the outside. One time when DaS was going to the bathroom, she knocked on the door to see if there was anyone inside, but no one answered so she entered. Right when she opened the door, she saw XiaoZhu going pee, and the 2 looked at each other. The two then screamed at the same time, and DaS couldnt help but look down, and she screamed again then slammed the door.

DaS says that before when she saw on TV those scenes where a girl accidently sees a guy peeing, and she looks up then down, was really fake, but after her incident, she realizes that it’s a natural action, you would want to look downwards. Blackie then asked DaS if she saw "little little pig" and DaS replies with a smile, "No!" XiaoZhu heard this and added: "She did!"

Being himself, Blackie played a joke on XiaoZhu during the recording. He crept up behind him and scared him, causing XiaoZhu to jump and hug onto Blackie afterwards.

DaS has to chose from 5 guys on the show, and in the end she chose ZaiZai. She even faced the camera and said: "Hope you stay healthy, and hope that we, no matter if it’s work or our future, can have a happy ending."

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