XiaoS’s husband Mike, talks about wife when drunk

TaiPei’s famous club, Mint, held a party for its 3rd year anniversary, attracting many famous stars and customers. XiaoS’s husband, Mike, left its rumored pregnant wife XiaoS to come out that night to party. Mike says: "I dont come out that often anymore, i find it meaningless after you are married and have a child." After drinking a bit, Mike couldnt stop talking. When asked about XiaoS being pregnant again, he replied: "if we were to have a secnd child, it would be at the end of the year, we still dont know."

Mike came with XiaoS’s good friend Makiyo, and when asked if Makiyo was sent by XiaoS to keep an eye on Mike, Makiyo laughs: "No! Mike is excellent, no need for that!" Mike drank quite a bit, but most of his topics revoled around XiaoS, saying that having his owm family is excellent and lucky.

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