Xiao Zhu’s June “Solo SHOW”, dropping Xiao S with Jolin as replacement

To present a perfect image for the Shanghai concert, he purposely changed the name of the whole tour. The poster advertisements also had two versions printed, creating lots of work for everyone. From all that work done, it can be seen that Xiao Zhu values the concert in Shanghai on 9th June alot. From what the reporter learned yesterday, the previous guest performer Xiao S due to her pregnency would not be able to come and currently, Xiao Zhu’s list of invited guests includes Jolin.

Xiao Zhu is known for having high demands on himself and due to that, it is learnt that he has been having sleepless nights due to the concert. How he should present all the experience he gathered in the 12 years best on the stage for the Shanghai audience is making him having a headache and the first thing he thought of was to change the tour name. What was once set as “Jin Wu Men” has been rejected by Xiao Zhu and he decided to settle for “Yi Zhi Du(Solo) SHOW”

Regarding the guests, Xiao Zhu at first wanted to invite Xiao S after her 1st pregnancy and she already agreed. However, when Xiao Zhu officially sent out the invitation, Xiao S is already pregnant again and could only say no to her friend. Although Xiao Zhu has been very understanding about the whole matter, but he has to ponder over the female guest again. The reporter saw in the list of people that are planned to be invited artistes like Jay Chou as the male guest and Jolin, Rainie, Da S, Twins etc. As to who will be actual guest to stand on stage will depend on who’s time slot permits. The management company has been eagerly scheduling with the others.

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