Xiao Zhu’s Hands Tremble After Carrying Barbie

The ratings for CTV’s idol drama "Corner With Love" has been pretty good. Recently, many faithful netizens are leaving messages on the Corner With Love message board. One of the topic was titled as "Such a coincidence…" A netizen said, "The name of Barbie’s character in Corner With Love, Xin Lei, is exactly the same as the name of Selina, who is Xiao Zhu’s rumored girlfriend, in Reaching for the Stars." The address of Barbie and Xiao Zhu’s apartment is "69 Wu Xing Street. From that, the fans also thought of Vic Zhou since his birthday is on June 9.

The screenwriter expressed that they never thought about those things when they came up with the character names and address. It’s just that the netizens are trying to link everything. It is a good thing that they put that much attention in to the plot of Corner With Love.

In the series, one of the scene talked about Barbie’s boyfriend engaging with another woman. Because of her depression, she drowned herself in liquor with Xiao Zhu. In the end, she got drunk and Xiao Zhu has to carry her home.

During that scene, it seemed like Xiao Zhu was very calm when carrying Barbie, but it was actually a lot of work. Because he had to walk while carrying her, his hands were trembling after a while. Xiao Zhu said, "When I watched the edited scene, it was only a few minutes. I think the director is messing around with me."

After hearing Xiao Zhu’s description, Barbie immediately shouted, "I’m afraid that the audience will think I am fat because of his trembling hands. I swear that I am not heavy at all!"

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