Xiao Zhu’s (Alan Luo) confession of love, fans screamed Selina’s name

Yesterday Alan Luo held a "New songs concert" in Nan Gang (??), where there were around 6000 fans present to support him. When watching VCR he didn’t show his usual goofy expression, he was very serious while talking about his love as well. He admitted: [I have loved before and that romance also made me experience the feeling of being hurt, this made me reject love. Actually…I have already a person in my heart whom I really love.] Upon hearing his confession the fans started screaming. [As for this person, you don’t have to speculate who she is.] Xiao Zhu took a deep breathe while the audience awaited his answer silently. He then said: [It’s someone in the entertainment circle.] 6000 fans screamed crazily once again and this time for Selina’s name.

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