Xiao Zhu & Barbie Uses Tissues During Kiss Scenes?

In order for the series to be good, Barbie Hsu was willing to film kiss scenes and wasn’t worried that boyfriend, Zai Zai, would be jealous. But in Barbie and Xiao Zhu’s "Corner With Love" kiss scene, there was a tissue between each other’s lips in the photos. Afterwards, they both said, "The tissue wasn’t there when we filmed it." The staff was startled, thinking this is a strange thing.

Xiao Zhu once said that the kiss scenes with Barbie are all "direct" and there isn’t a need to rehearse beforehand. But the photo is suddenly revealed and a tissue was seen between each other. Barbie and Xiao Zhu were questioned about this photo, but they both denied that there was a tissue. They even asked in return if someone added it on.

Xiao Zhu explained. "I only NGed on the first kiss scene when I forgot to close my eyes. If the scene were to only film my eyes, then we didn’t even need to really kiss. Why would we need to use a tissue then?" Even Barbie is assuming the director added it on. The director said, "I am direct when it comes to filming, so why would I need to put a tissue there?" The three of them had denied using a tissue.

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