Xiao Yao Ge Ge “Hu Ge” will remain Xiao Yao (lively and witty)

The online fans of Hu Ge has been through lots of emotional rollercoasters. They have even opened a thread in the hottest Forum of Hu Ge, ihuge or gu yue ge qian called ‘well wishers’, a place for fans to send him messages of support for their idol. Hu Jiao Fen (pepper aka fans) have been very active and been posting in there to support him, and thought it was a rather marvellous idea. Hu Ge has already been cleared of any life threatening situations, and has left the hospital for a Shanghai Hospital, and probably will be flying overseas for treatment and for peace and quite. After looking at the scenaries and hearing all the well wishers message, he will probably bounce back and then re-stimulate the audience.

Most say Hu Ge is one who is always witty, happi and lively, when filming LOCH, he suffered from high fever, and whilst drinking herbal medicine, would frequently tell others that it is ‘mongolian coffee’. Seems like he looks at the best of everything. Hu Ge’s career has taken off extremely well too, thus we shall not only wish him well, but congratulate him as well!!

When his fans heard the news, many were worried that their idol will not look the same as before. Yet, many didn’t seem to care that his might be disfigured! They seem to be supporting cosmetic surgery as the last option, commenting how they can put doremon’s face onto mulans with speed and accuracy, so how hard will it be for a tiny scar? Or traditional makeup can do the trick as well. Many said that it will add to his ‘handsome-ness’ too! But one unanimous decision was that no matter what happens, he will remain as ‘Mainland’s Most SHUAI (cute handsome) Guy ever!", even though he may have been in an accident, he can still be the ‘Best ‘fighter’ in mainland’. Whilst barely conscious, he reassured a worried Ariel Lin Yi Chen on the phone that he is fine and don’t worry about him, and requested to know the other 2 people’s condition the minute he was conscious, and then kept telling jokes to keep the atmosphere lively, telling others not to worry. It seems the ‘fighter’ title must be multiplied by ‘shuai’ a few hundred times to make it the rightful title.

Or, this might be the chance for him to be a director, he did say before that "i don’t want to be known for my face’. He doesn’t want to walk the ‘idol’ road too much, but wanted to be one of the best directors, but with his series, it isn’t looking to bright yet. But his photography skills are definately fantastic, it seems that if he is to be a director, he would be a fantastic one in selecting scenary and would be a extremely cute director as well!

Lastly, in the entertainment circle, it seems that Hu Ge is treated extremely well. With the star of Huan Zhu Ge Ge Zhuo Jie sending his wishes as he knows the pressures of getting to places on time and the accidents which can happen [Note: huang zhu ge ge 2’s Xiang Fei niang niang died in a car accident on the way to promotional activies, as was in the back seat… sleeping]. When he got into an accident, hu ge’s colleagues’s wishes poured in, with crystal liu yi fei hoping to see him when she is free, Xie Na sending him well wishes, china’s super girl Zhou BI Chang dedicating a song to him. It seems that if he wants to be a director, half his actors list are already filled!!

The most important thing yet… the new LOCH! So, what is the deal? If it comes out and it flops, it seems that hu ge would need lots of media conferences. But, highly unlikely as it would definately be better than Li Ya Peng’s one! With this, this version will definately not be scared! Next, he should film <Xiao Er Jian Hu>, I am sure that he would have less rotten eggs chucked at him than the ones chucked at Li Ya Peng!! If you are beautiful and have the aurora, you will rise, it is like getting on a plane and watching it take off! Well…. people have to be ‘nice’, so i would like to extend an apology to Li Ya Peng: this is the 173rd and 174th time I have ‘b*t*hed’ about you!

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