Xiao S leaves “Entertainment 100%”,

XiaoS leaves "Entertainment 100%", unforgettable Teacher Hsu leaves an impression

Tomorrow is XiaoS final episode of "Entertainment 100%," where she will be ending her 9 year contract. The set is preparing memorable clips from old episodes which will be broadcasted durng the live on her last day. Last year, DaS’s excuse for leaving was "age and wisdom doesnt fit anymore," and XiaoS’s contract was also over at that time, but because she was taking break due to her marriage and pregnancy, she had to postpone her contract to half a year later.

For the past 9 years, DaXiaoS have spent their teenage and young years on this show, revealing everything about their personal life as well, sharing it with the audience. Such events include XiaoS and WongZiJiao’s relationship, from begininning to end, XiaoS’s marriage and pregnancy, DaS’s "DaLongLian" to her "DaZaiLian." XiaoS commented: "What’s most unforgettable for me is the special units that Entertainment 100% had, such as Teacher Hsu. It was very unqiue and it left a deep memory."

XiaoS says: "For the past years, i dont really watch TV programs, i usually go home and rent DVD movies and watch those. It wasnt until i was taking a break due to my pregnancy that i would sometimes watch XiaoZhu and XiaoGui host Entertainment 100%. Actually, i think it was just a phase, i think that entertainmnt news should be hosted by guys, they fool around and joke around, that how it should be. Now whenever i fiish work, i just want to get home as quickly as possible and see my child." XiaoS laughingly adds: "I dont really feel anything right now, even though its been so many years, but i think that when i see all those old memories flooding back, i will break into a huge cry!" After recording her last one, XiaoS and DaS will cooperate and host anothe new show which will most likely be in the end of this year.

BaDai "Entertainmnt 100%" will make a big deal of XiaoS leaving anymore, just a warm departing; no drinks, no cake, no flowers etc. But the staff said that they will make a DVD for memory.

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