Xiao S’ Last Episode in “100% Entertainment”,

It was the last episode for XiaoS in "Entertainment 100%" and during the show, there were clips from previous episodes, starting from when the show first began with ASOS. With the touching scenes and atmosphere, XiaoS couldnt hold back her tears.

The crew put together clips beginning from March 16, 1986 (Taiwan’s dates are different), which included Teacher Hsu, Brace Face, Conducter Hsu, fashion shows etc. XiaoS laughs at herself for being so idiotic in the past and even XiaoZhu laughs: "so ugly! how come you were so fat?" XiaoS repsonds: "After this episode is aired, i must go home and lock up my husbands luggage, or else he’s gonna want to leave me and divorce me!"

In the beginning, XiaoZhu and XiaoGui didnt know whether to be happy or sad, or what expression to put on, making XiaoS mad. "Why are you putting on such faces! It’s not a funeral, im not dead yet!" When remembering her first time hosting, XiaoS says: "I just graduated from high school/college and i didnt know a thing about hosting. i didnt know where to look at the camera, it was quite embarassing."

During the last recording, XiaoS’s tears kept falling, her nose kept on running, her face was red from crying; the fans there kept offering tissue, making XiaoZhu comment: "ASOS really made an impact on Entertainment 100%, lets hope you guys will come back and visit us, watch us grow." Hearing that, it just made XiaoS cry even harder. "My sister and I really want to thank "Entertainment 100%" for making us alive in the entertainment circle. No matter if you loved us, or hated us, we want to thank everyone. When I become old and unpopular, at least it will give me and my children memories."

Seeing XiaoS cry like that, XiaoZhu embraced her in a hug, and the fans screamed out: "XiaoS we love you!" This touching and warm episode of "Entertainment 100%" will be shown on September 15th. (Taiwan date)

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