Wu Zun sears charts with hot boy band

Talent-spotted in Singapore to join Taiwan’s Fahrenheit…
Wu Chun sears charts with hot boy band

FIRST, he was the cute guy in a Koka cup noodle advertisement released here last year. Then, he made the cover of Her World Brides magazine. Soon he was spotted by a Taiwanese scout in Singapore and flown straight to Taipei’s showbiz scene.

Eighteen months on, Bruneian Chinese Wu Chun, 26, has made his musical debut as one-quarter of the red-hot boy band Fahrenheit. Said to be the next F4, it also comprises Calvin Chen, 25, Jiro Wang, 24, and Aaron Yan, 20.

Last month, Fahrenheit’s self-titled debut album entered the G-Music chart, second only to Jay Chou. It has since sold an impressive 50,000 copies and counting. It is available in stores here.

The pretty boys are currently busy with album promotions in Taiwan, but they told The New Paper they can’t wait to visit Singapore.

A laughing Jiro said Wu Chun has been whetting their appetites by singing praises of Singaporean food and calling our island a ren jian tian tang (heaven on earth). Coincidentally, both urged this reporter to ‘help us publicise our album’ so they can come here soon for promotions.

They need not be worried. A sure sign of their rising popularity here is that many fans have been calling their record label, HIM Music to ask about them. A spokesman said at least five different groups of fans have started their own fan sites for the band.

Discovered separately by Comic Ritz Production, Jiro, Calvin and Wu Chun came together early this year in the popular high school idol drama, KO One. Aaron was cast in the romantic series Tokyo Juliet. Later, when they teamed up to release an album, their manager coined the name Fahrenheit to refer to their different temperaments.


Jiro is the most passionate member at 95F (35 deg C) while Aaron is the coldest and most distant one at 41F (5 deg C). Calvin is the 77F (25 deg C) sunshine boy next door and Wu Chun, the quiet, brooding one at 59F (15 deg C).

But during the phone interview, Wu Chun was no less talkative than his two ‘warmer’ bandmates. Aaron was not around as he was nursing a torn ligament.

Wu Chun, who used to be a fitness instructor in a self-operated gym in Brunei, said: ‘I love Singapore! I’ve been there at least 30 times since I was young and I’m familiar with Singapore,’ he said.

His favourite haunts? Orchard Road, Bugis, Newton Circus and ‘Mandarin Hotel chicken rice’.

Last February, he was persuaded by friends to come here for a modelling stint ‘just for fun’, and before he knew it, he was packing his bags for Taiwan instead.

But when it came to his ideal girl, all the 1.8m-tall hunk could say was that he judges girls by their character and not looks, and he thinks Cecilia Cheung is pretty.

His bandmates, however, had a lot more to offer.

Jiro unabashedly admitted that he has a thing for older women, like Japan’s Nanako Matsushima. He added he’s the ‘love you in my heart but can’t get it out of my mouth’ type who will clam up when he’s near his dream girl.

Unlike him, Calvin is more direct and outspoken. He said he will not be shy to approach a girl he likes and ask her out. His ideal type is someone fair, demure and long-haired – like S.H.E member Hebe Tien, who did a song with them in their single, Only Feel For You.

But love can wait, since the four single guys prefer to stay focused on their budding showbiz careers.

Wu Chun said: ‘Sometimes we’re tired because our promotional schedule is so packed, but our company says we’re lucky because few newbies get to do so many activities. ‘Our team spirit keeps us going and no matter how tired we are, we’ll always give our 100 per cent.’

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