Wu Zun Gets Thrown Away; Gillian Chung To Work With Alex Fong

Weeks ago WU ZUN “flew” away from FAHRENHEIT and secretly met with EEG to talk about future possible projects together. Originally EEG was planning for Wu Zun to take part in their new film, “The Fantastic Water Babes” (Temp. Title), where he would also be working with CHUNG YAN TUNG (Gillian Chung) of TWINS. However it was rumored that because Wu Zun’s body was “too buffed” and therefore his physical appearance did not entirely match the role. In the end the company chose FONG LIK SUN (Alex Fong) to work with Gillian.

Wu Zun Gets Thrown Away; Gillian Chung To Work With Alex Fong

EEG’S latest film “The Fantastic Water Babes” will begin filming in June. Right now they are quickly preparing for the movie and the company had searched everywhere for suitable actors. One of the chosen actors was Taiwanese popular idol Wu Zun. Earlier Wu Zun met with the officials of EEG and they also remarked Wu Zun with positive comments and is very satisfied with his image. Wu Zun also wants to work with the director. However, there has been reports saying that Wu Zun’s body is too buffed and it does not suit the appearance of his character. Therefore, Wu Zun will not be participating in this film.

As for the film’s male and female leads, it has already been confirmed that Gillian Chung will take part as the female lead. As for the male lead, Alex Fong had replaced Wu Zun. In the movie Alex and Gillian will have a love story. This past-rumored couple is going to continue their romance. The supporting actress will be LEUNG LOK SI. (Isabella Leong)

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