World-famous Drummer Joins Korean Pop Singer

The world’s top drummer Kenny Aronoff will take part in the concert of Korean singer Lee Seung-hwan. Aronoff has played in the recordings of popular rock bands such as the Rolling Stones and Smashing Pumpkins. His exceptional skills have endeared him to Korean music lovers and earned him the honorable title of the best drummer alive.

Aronoff gladly agreed to play in Korea at Lee’s urgent request. Lee’s agent said the concert is comprised of the top band and staff, and that everyone involved is working hard to make it a performance that will go down in Korean pop music history.

Lee’s concert will feature a guest contingent of great singers that includes Kim Jong-seo, Kim Jin-pyo, Park Jung-hyun, Big Bang, Psy, Ivy, and Lee Juck. Lee’s fans will also be treated to electrifying band performances by Shorty Cat, Kunda & New Orleans, and Serengeti.

Lee’s “Fantastic Concert” will be held in Jamsil Main Stadium on May 12th.

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