Wong Hei’s Most Extreme Adventures

After conquering Mount Everest, he will be heading out to climb the glaciers of Greenland in March next year. He attended the sponsorship promotion for this event by Kiehl’s yesterday alongside guest Vincy, who demonstrated making environmentally friendly paper as they wish Ah He the best for his trip.

Ah He indicates that this trip to Greenland will just have him with a guide and they have to complete the journey in a twelve day window, traversing Greenland from East to West. As the temperatures there stay below freezing, he envisages that the trip will be very difficult. However, in March, the days will be the longest within the year and he also has the chance to see the Northern Lights, so this was the reason that they chose this time for the trek. He is really looking forward to the event and knows that this will be more difficult than previous trips because he will not have any supplies in the twelve days and he has to prepare everything before he sets out. Even rescue services are very scarce there, so is he worried about his safety? Ah He says frankly that this trip will just be the two of them and a team of dogs, so there will be an element of danger, but the insurance company will not cover them, so they are responsible for their own safety.

Despite the danger, Ah He feels that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to traverse Greenland and it cannot be missed. However, he says that the success of the trip will be down to sponsorship because it will cost them $80,000 each. Having accepted a role in TVB’s forthcoming 80 episode series, he has already notified the company that he will require two weeks off filming, even though the trip will not be confirmed until January. Ah He says that he would like to complete his conquering of the ‘three extremes’, so his next target will be Antarctica and the South Pole.

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