Wong Hei and Tavia Yeung Don’t Get Along While Filming ‘Trouble Daddy’

From what is seen from the filming scene, Wong Hei often talked and joked to the cast. However, when Tavia Yeung tried to approach him, he ignored her, leaving the usually smiley Tavia looked disinterested, looking at the streets and staring into space. When the director requested both of them to prepare for the scene, Wong Hei only cared for himself, walking away to read his comic book, not responding when he was called, causing Tavia to show a black face.

While preparing the scene, Wong Hei was often approached by passersby with requests for photo taking, causing difficulties in filming progress. A simple walking on the streets scene caused 10 NGs. In the end, the director has to state no disturbance by outsiders during the preparation of the scene. Thinking that they can get off work earlier without any disturbance by outsiders, who would have known that when the two of them is prepared to film, Wong Hei would suddenly kneel down and said loudly

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