“Wo Ai Hei Se Hui” Ratings Pass 1.13 – Blackie and Fan Fan Will Get Married

"Wo Ai Hei Se Hui" last Friday’s show passed ratings for 1.13, breaking a new record. The same day, "Mo Fan Lollipop" also went back to 0.88, making the two super stars on tv. Before, Blackie expressed that if his show beat ratings of 1, then he’ll ask Fan Wei Qi (Fan Fan) to marry him. And today, because of the reports, he will have to go through with his word. Whether or not Blackie and Fan Fan are actually engaged now, it’s still a mystery.

Media asked whether or not they’ve gone through with the engagement? Fan Fan laughed and said: "It’s no use asking me, someone has to do something!" But when she heard that "Wo Ai Hei Se Hui" broke ratings of 1, she stayed nonchalant and said: "Breaking the record of 1 is nothing impossible."

So Blackie’s show passed what he wanted, will Fan Fan’s show "Mo Fan Lollipop" also break 1? Fan Fan jokingly expressed that if she breaks 1, she said tv station producer Andy will hold a party. Asked whether or not she’ll marry Blackie if her show broke 1? Asked about this "forcing to marry him", Fan Fan begged: "Aiyoh! Don’t use marriage to gain attention!"

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