Winners of the 2006 Chik Chak 903 Music Awards

The 2006 Chik Chak 903 (CRHK) Music Awards will be held tonight. Chik Chak is said to be the fairest of all awards because the winners are based on airplay rates. Every year, Chik Chak 903 has professionals examine and calculate airplays of each song from week 1 to week 52. With airplay rates that determine the winners, many online fans have tracked the airplay rates themselves.

According to airplay rates, Eason Chan will win Male Singer – Gold with a large enough margin over Leo Ku, who will win Male Singer – Silver and Hins Cheung will win Male Singer – Bronze with only 1 more airplay than Justin Lo, who is in 4th placed. While these singers are on top, Hacken Lee and Andy Lau are placed 10th with 263 airplays and 11th with 252 airplays, respectively. Worth mentioning are relatively new singers, Khail Fong and Louis Cheung, who have more airplays than Hacken and Andy Lau.

Denise Ho will win Female Singer – Gold with 14 more airplays than Joey Yung, who will win Female Singer – Silver. As for Female Singer – Bronze, Janice Wei will win with 9.5 more airplays than Fiona Sit.

As for groups/duos, Chik Chak 903’s "sons," SoftHard will win Group – Gold after successfully releasing one album with 4 songs plugged. One of their songs, ??? is the fifth most airplayed song of the year. Twins, who don’t have a song in the top 10 will settle for Group – Silver and the group EO2 will win Group – Bronze.

The top 10 songs will include Leo Ku’s ???? as the most airplayed song of the year and Joey Yung’s ???? is the second most airplayed song of the year. New to the top 10 are Kary Ng ?????? and Stephanie Cheng ???. Since Eason didn’t plug his new hit until November, ???? is placed 10th.

Vincy Chan will win Newcomer – Gold over Jill Wei and Kelvin Kwan.

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