Wilber Pan’s Chest – Doesn’t Lose to Jolin

Wilber Pan on the 30th will hold a solo concert in Shanghai. Yesterday, when they were finalizing costumes, he imagined himself like Michael Jackson, he wanted to open the concert with him just standing there for half an hour, not moving, and just letting his fans admire him. He said: "The fans will probably think I’m a wax figure, huh?"

Wilber will perform for Shanghai, and the 80,000 people stadium, he’s diligently working to change into Michael, when he saw the costumes the company provided, he hurriedly put them on. When he opens, he will be wearing a golden outfit, having a very world-star flavor.

There was another outfit with a tshirt and jeans, Wilber jokingly said: "This outfit… it’s kind of like a laborer." This time, he will have ten costumes, and the total cost of all the costumes together will be in the millions tai bi.

For the concert, Wilber’s been working out really hard. He’s gotten skinnier lately, yesterday when he was shooting for pictures, he kept dancing around. But even though his body is nicely sculpted, he won’t be like Jolin Tsai – being sexy onstage. He laughed and said: "I’ve always worked out to have a nice chest, and I don’t think my chest would lose to hers, but I can just admire it myself at home privately – that’s enough."

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