Wilber Pan – Having a Girlfriend is Cursed

Because he’s superstituous, Wilber Pan is willing to sacrifice his love life for his professional career? He was his high school basketball team captain, because he had a girlfriend, the best record continuously lost eight games. Love turned into his life’s poison. For the past two years, he hasn’t been in any relationships, even his company is encouraging him to find a girlfriend. Someone who regards his professional career very heavily, Wilber smiled and said, “When I’m concentrating on my work, I don’t like to have other distractions.”

Wilber seems to realize that he’s cursed, whenever he has a girlfriend, he’ll lose in a big competition. One time he broke up with his girlfriend, he suddenly won five games consecutively. Before the next game, he and his girlfriend were back together again – they went to eat together and watched a movie – then he flew back to Hong Kong for the competition. Unbelievably, he lost eight games in a row. Even though at the end he still was able to bring a trophy home, he couldn’t help but cry when he got home. Ever since then, he feels that having no love relationships is better.

Ever since his debut, Wilber has been linked with Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou. He admires Patty’s personality. If he was going to choose a girlfriend, the first criteria would be big eyes – which can catch his own eyes. Besides having a face that’s like those girls in comics, but not too overly beautiful. As for her personality, Wilber likes open, independent, and generous girls – but not too clingy.

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